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​Three friends were musing one night about the possibility of creating an arts festival in Lagrasse, one of the most beautiful villages in France.  


Johanna Adams Farley, Senior Stage Manager at the Royal Ballet had a dream to bring dancers from the Royal Ballet to her holiday home of Lagrasse; David Craig, a long-time resident of Lagrasse and furniture designer, was already involved in the arts in the area but wanted to do something in his village; Emma Noon, entrepreneur and local resident, wanted to create something extraordinary in a part of France she was passionate about.


So they set up Muse à Muse, a non-profit arts association, with the following aims:


  • Create memorable, cultural experiences  thereby adding to the rich life of the Corbières


  • Develop master classes and workshops in the performing arts


  • Use the arts to promote the region of the Corbières internationally


  • Draw on the talents and experiences of people based locally


Their dream became a reality with the staging of Danse à Lagrasse in 2010 and 2018. 


President - Johanna Farley

Vice-President  - David Craig

Treasurer - Emma Noon

Joint Secretaries - Anne Farren and Nadia Mabrouki

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