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Messages From The Dancers and Musicians

We were just about to announce a world-class line-up of dancers when the lockdown started.  They were so excited to come to Lagrasse to perform, some for the second or even third time, including Matthew Ball, Claire Calvert, Alexander Campbell, Reece Clarke, Cesar Corrales, Lauren Cuthbertson, Leo Dickson, Nicol Edmonds, Hannah Grennell, Francesca Hayward, Tierney Heap, Fumi Kaneko, Mayara Magri, Yasmine Naghdi, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Marcelino Sambé, Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Edward Watson and David Yudes.

Also our fabulous musicians Robert Clark, Kate Shipway and Vasko Vassilev were joining us once more to accompany the dancers on stage.  

Matthew Ball and Mayara Magri sending their love to you all from home. 

Vasko Vassilev serenading our disappointment away!

Claire Calvert and Alexander Campbell showing us that they are on top form in lockdown. 

A message of hope from one of our new dancers,Nicol Edmonds.

Fumi Kaneko and Reece Clarke send their best wishes to you all.  

Tierney Heap confirming she will back in Lagrasse in 2021. 

David-Yudes 2015 (1).jpg

Plus some words from David Yudes who danced for us in July 2018, "I want to say how sad I am that we are not going to be able to celebrate our week and big gala in Lagrasse, but I cannot wait until we can be there again - very soon I hope!"

Beatriz Stix-Brunell sends a message from America.

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